Why visibility is important for your business

Do you feel as though you and your business are seen, heard and understood?

In our ever changing and growing online world, do you believe you are making an impact?

Do you know who you would be most helpful to?

If not, are you trying to talk to everyone, and therefore find yourself actually talking to no one?

We hear you! It’s hard to know which information, advice and guidance to take and even harder to know who to trust.

Businesses often jump in feet first, thinking everyone will want to buy their stuff, because they themselves know the benefit.

Others believe the system of throwing out loads of ‘adverts/posts’ will eventually find something sticking.

Your ideal clients don’t know you’re trustworthy and genuine yet, so why would they invest in you?

“So, what are the different ways to go about it?” We are delighted that you ask!

A fine tuned method of communication enables connections or followers to see who you are and what you do. They will hear your message and understand your ethics and morals behind wanting to help others. They are more likely to trust you and therefore more likely to invest their hard earned money in you!

Now, can you put yourself in your ideal clients shoes? This is key to knowing what you might like to see, and importantly what you would not like to see. Nobody likes someone who is irritating – so don’t be irritating! Simple hey?! 😊

It can be challenging to get the right balance within your social media activity. But it is possible if you are genuinely interesting and interested. 

Intrigue others with how wonderfully you do things; leave them wanting more.

You can do this in many ways, here are just a few to help you in the right direction;

1. Drop little snippets of how you have helped others in the past – with their permission of course. This could be a testimonial, or you explaining what happened. Ideally, tag the person/business you are referring to.

2. Allow connections and followers to really get to know you. Sharing aspects of your personal life can show your caring, thoughtful and helpful sides. And yes, you can do this, even on LinkedIn! Simply make reference to business, even if just a hint.

Show interest in others, what they do and how they do it. I know you’re busy and this can seem a waste of time, but it could be the absolute best use;

1. Showing interest in others encourages them to want to understand you too. Why would they show any interest in you, if you show none in them?

2. By being interested in what they do, you could help others by connecting people together for mutual benefit. It might not bring you instant business or money, but it will show you are helpful, kind and considerate. Those you help will often be more likely to come to you in the future.

So, in what ways can we be interesting and interested?

You will go far if you commit to focus on how you can help people and businesses thrive and survive.

Expressing how you’ve done this in the past gives an idea of your resilience and adaptability. Demonstrating how you’ve helped inspire/direct others in resilience and adaptability shows you share your knowledge and skills. Similarly, when you see others explaining how they have thrived and survived, congratulate them! Thank them for sharing their story, that you appreciate them and their lessons.

The more interest you show in someone, the more you will get in return. 

Do you think this statement is always true, in every situation? 

Probably not; sometimes people will never show an interest in you. You should still apply the communications above, as this is a foolproof way to uncover one-sided people.

If they show no interest, they’re not going to buy from, help or support you. Save yourself time and energy here; no need to get frustrated, upset, or angry. People are different, it’s okay that they’re not like you. Genuinely, wish them the best of luck and bid them farewell. Be polite, courteous, and professional, or consider the impact of the opposite. If you want others to think of you as polite, respectful, and professional, you must be that. Negativity often spreads faster than positivity, which could affect your network longer term.  

Ultimately, how you portray yourself to others always matters.

“So, do I have to be agreeable and ‘happy go lucky’ all the time?”

Not at all! It is good to show your range of emotions as it enables others to get to know you properly. Sharing real problems in a productive way is an endearing quality. People are more likely to want to work with you if inspired and motivated by you. Explain your problems outcomes, solutions and happy endings to instil trust. Don’t worry if you don’t quite have the happy ending just yet. Simply focus on a positive aspect which has come from the situation.

We hope you found this article enjoyable and helpful.

Applying these sentiments and methods can make a real difference and we genuinely want it to work for you too. We would love to hear your success stories, so tag us in when you big yourself up!

This is just the start of the journey for you. It may be a bumpy ride, as are all the best things in life, so make it a strong start.

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