What is the toughest part of being in business?

I am regularly asked by clients I am mentoring what is the toughest part of being in business and I can honestly say it is motivation. If you don’t do your ‘stuff’ you don’t have a business.

And being able to motivate yourself when you really don’t feel like it is a mission in itself! Luckily there are ways of reducing the likelihood or impact of demotivation. 

It’s no secret or silver bullet though – it’s simply to have a plan.

One you can really believe in.  

Without a plan, you run the risk of all of your tasks being part of one huge abyss – and that’s not going to motivate anybody!

If that sounds like your current plan, let’s jump on a free 15-minute call and I’ll show you how I can help you to get super clear on where it is that you’re going.

I promise you that in itself helps to motivate you.

It’s the difference between carrying around a massive family-sized trunk or a well-packed rucksack. 

One of them is a LOT easier to handle so let’s lighten your load.

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