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Is your marketing strategy

actually attracting customers?

No? - then you need a new strategy!

Would you like more eyes on your prize?

Are you posting online and hearing nothing back but crickets?

Do you often find yourself enrolling in DIY marketing programs, but don’t get any value?

If you’re sat there nodding your head then let’s not beat around the bush here, then you need help with your marketing strategy or even just some coaching to give you the tools you need.

Marketing your product or service can be fun, exciting and very rewarding. However, it can also be very frustrating when you feel nothing is working.

In fact, in a survey to 500 x SME’s (9 staff or more) the biggest common factor of problems they faced in the business world was that 79% of them struggled to attract customers – which is just bonkers and I’d be very confident to say it’s worse in the micro business world (0 – 9  employees)

Attracting Customers


Increase Revenue


Maintaining profitability


Uncertainty over economic conditions


Developing new products/innovation


This is where we step in

You see, I’ve been creating the demand and then supplying products and services from the age of 14 (a very long time ago), whilst at boarding school and went on to have an illustrious career in recruitment, advertising, FMCG distribution and social media marketing, whilst running my own holistic therapy, marketing and coaching business owners since 2014.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, when you break it down it is a way of promoting your business product or service. It’s about building up the hype around what you do, so that you open the door to a conversation or a sale.

However, there are so many forms of marketing that it can be really hard to know where to start.

If you have just started out, I’d say aim to be promoting yourself in a “non spammy way” on the following platforms; Facebook, Linkedin, Google my business, Bing places. They are a great starting point.

There are others and if you haven’t used any of those platforms before you need someone who will be able to help you with social media, direct mail, videos, lead generation and all the other forms of marketing that is out there.

By now you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by it all and just want someone to come in and do it for you. I can either do things for you, help you learn how to do them yourself, or a bit of both depending on your budget and your needs.

A 30 minute chat with us could actually be very useful for you; why don’t we see if we are a fit and let’s go from there?

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