The business transformer

what is a

small business consultant

and why do I need one to help with my business?

Firstly, massive kudos to you for getting this far especially if you are working in the online space, as it’s dead easy to navigate – right? 

You know it’s tough out there and the competition is fierce. 

You’ve hit a wall and you are not sure where to turn to for help and guidance.

You only need to switch the TV on to know the UK is facing uncertain times – which is not what you want to hear when you run a business! In fact, we hear quotes all the time on how many businesses fail.

Did you know less than 45% of businesses survive past 5 years, 55% of business owners that may have missed family occasions, struggled with money and lived with too much stress with nothing to show for it.

Year started






1st Year Survival


2nd Year Survival


3rd Year Survival


4th Year Survival


5th Year Survival


It get’s worse as it’s less than 30% of businesses with not much to show for 10 years of graft, missed family occasions and all the stress that it caused!

Don’t be a statistic

Being a business consultant and strategist, I know that those aren’t just ‘stats’; they are all real people who’ve worked their socks off to make a living before finally closing their doors.

Not wanting to sound negative, but you just can’t argue with stats.  They are the reality to help you frame what you’re doing – they’re your context.


They don’t have to be your reality.


If you have the right systems and processes, you know your market and you have a healthy mindset, you’ll do it.  It’s almost scientific, but it still needs your faith and guidance from those who have walked where you are heading.

This is where hiring the right business consultant can make the difference between you just surviving or your business really thriving.

30 years’ experience has led us to right here, right now.

The expert at setting your business free; I work with you no matter what stage your business is at, to solve problems, offer guidance and most importantly get your business growing.

How do I do this?

From brainstorming current problems, working with you on your marketing strategy, lead generation training and helping your business grow. I use my fresh eyes, plus some incredibly useful tools learnt over the years; we’ll find the answers together to every single one of your burning business dilemmas.

Hit the button and book a free 15-minute call and let’s see if we are a fit.